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I have read and understand, and I have authority to accept following issues:

1. It will cost you 0,001 x your total turnover to be a member of DNA - but a minimum of 2,900 DKK + VAT per month.
2. The membership is payable each quarter in advance and access to all of DNA´s services is activated subsequent to the initial meeting.
3. The commitment only applies for the current month + 3 months
4. It is not possible to pause the membership, but you are more than welcome to resign your membership and sign up later.
5. Resignation of the membership has to be in writing and should be sent to
6. I have read and understood all of the abovementioned terms
Yes, I agree Yes, I agree.


When your company becomes a member of Danish Network Association (DNA) and during our collaboration, we ask you for the following information:
The name of the company, the address, telephone number, CVR number, e-mail as well as a contact person and his or hers e-mail and telephone number.
We will register the information with the purpose of ensuring an effective and smooth collaboration.
The information will be registered and stored during your membership. If the membership is terminated, we will store the information in the following five years (referring to “bogføringsloven”). The information will be deleted subsequent to this period.

Yes, I agree Yes, I agree.