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Around 100 companies are already members and part of the DNA family. 

Being a DNA member gives you unlimited access to sparring and feedback with our partners and our advice on business development – everything for a fixed monthly membership fee.

We are always available and ready to help you achieve your goals. The regular sparring and feedback sessions are extremely concentrated and we can tackle a variety of issues.

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Become a member

Being a DNA member/client gives you unlimited access to discussion and feedback with our partners and our advice on business development – everything for a fixed monthly membership fee.

We are always available and ready to help you achieve your goals. The regular discussion and feedback sessions are extremely concentrated and can tackle a variety of issues. Our approach is extremely commercial and sales-oriented. 

Most of our members are ambitious companies who want:

  • To progress and realise their sales potential
  • To market their products, designs or services internationally
  • To work determinedly to create results, but need help
  • To change their setup in reactionary trade associations 
  • To find specific, practice-oriented solutions
  • Top-grade consulting services with national and international scope
  • Fast implementation, and thus will benefit from our proactive approach

Contact us today and let’s find out whether we have a meaningful future together. It’s a to-way street.

It will cost you 0,001 x ‘your total turnover’ to become a member of DNA – but
a minimum of DKK 2,900 + VAT per month. The price covers the entire concept

The membership is payable each quarter in advance, and access to all of DNA´s services is activated subsequent to the initial meeting. Note that there are no strings attached after we have had our initial coffee meeting.

The commitment only applies for the current month + 3 months. Withdrawal of membership must always be in writing.


Strategiske partnere

For at kunne supportere effektivt og lavpraktisk har vi samlet Danmarks mest markante rådgivningsvirksomheder i DNA. Det betyder, at jeres virksomhed i medlemskabet får fri adgang til konktrakter, rådgivning og sparring indenfor forretningskritiske områder som jura, fragt, online medier, forsikring, pension mv. I kan til en hver tid få et gratis topprofessionelt beslutningsgrundlag i en given udfordring. Det giver en kvalitet og en sikkerhed i en intensiv og foranderlig dagligdag. Mange af vores medlemsvirksomheder arbejder globalt, og derfor har vores partnere naturligvis også global rækkevidde.

Alle personer i vores partnernetværk er håndplukket for at sikre en personlig, hurtig og kvalitativ support. DNA modtager hverken kick backs eller provision fra vores partnere. Vi søger alene kvalitet og service.

What they say

"We are a medium-sized company in need of a sounding board at executive level to help move our company from the current level to the next level. DNA provides us with business-oriented, hugely dedicated consultants, who can challenge us and give us feedback, and provide an extremely high level of assistance with these tasks."

Rasmus Byriel, CEO & partner, Furnipart A/S

“We are a small, growing company. As we evolve, we experience a variety of challenges. We really need a sounding board and guidance in terms of running a business. Our great challenge is to progress in an organic, rational way and to make the right decisions en route. This is exactly where DNA has helped, and can help us. Equally important for us is DNA’s amazing attentiveness and personality. This is crucial for our identity and the way, in which we ourselves work.“

Barbara Hvidt og Tine Holt Møller, CEO, Soft Gallery ApS

"They really help me by guiding – and challenging me in a professional way and working with DNA simply gives me a whole new sense of overview of my business. By gathering areas like business development, contractual issues etc., I not only save money but also time and thought. I’ve met nothing but professional people who want to see me succeed which gives me a peace and security, that money can’t buy."

Nina Bruun / CEO

"d line has since early 2014 had a collaboration with DNA. As the most important asset of our collaboration, is sparring on Business Development issues. We very much appreciate the open and non-biast dialogue and ideas. DNA is a very competent partner for these issues."

Hans Christian Petersen, Chairman, d line

The founders.

Christoffer Ritzau is a former CEO of the danish jewelry industry (Jewellers’ Association) and subsequent CEO for the danish fashion industry (Danish Fashion & Textile). He has over the past 15 years worked with business development in several hundred companies.

Frederik Petersen was most recently CEO of the design-driven company d line a/s, which he still co-owns. Frederik has worked for 15 years in marketing, export, supply chain management and strategy – including six years abroad in London and Munich.