“Up until now, we couldn’t find a trade association in our own world. We are a medium-sized company in need of a sounding board at executive level to help move our company from the current level to the next level.

DNA provides us with business-oriented, hugely dedicated consultants, who can challenge us and give us feedback, and provide an extremely high level of assistance with these tasks.”

Rasmus Byriel, CEO & partner, Furnipart A/S

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Nina Bruun

“As the owner of a young and fast growing company I need guidance on a regular basis on how to develop my business in a healthy and organic way.

Even though I have an amazing team by my side, I’m still the only owner/leader and it’s easy to feel alone when making big decisions. Since I started working with DNA that feeling has disappeared.”

Nina Bruun / CEO

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Soft Gallery

“We are a small, growing company. As we evolve, we experience a variety of challenges. We really need a sounding board and guidance in terms of running a business. Our great challenge is to progress in an organic, rational way and to make the right decisions en route. This is exactly where DNA has helped, and can help us.

Equally important for us is DNA’s amazing attentiveness and personality. This is crucial for our identity and the way, in which we ourselves work.”

Barbara Hvidt og Tine Holt Møller, CEO, Soft Gallery ApS

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“DNA has been outstanding in terms of actively and dynamically understanding our needs and arranging successful ‘marriages’ in record time.

They’ve managed proactively to get to the heart of our business model, and to understand the versatility and complexity of the way we work. They’ve been a totally reliable strategic sounding board, responding to all our ideas and concerns.”

– Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Co-owner, Norm Architects

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