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We’re DNA Digital. A digital agency specialized in webdesign, 3D artwork and graphic design.

As the agency is a part of DNA, we have great insight in our members´ business, and the digital department is thus a way to materialize our collaboration and the decisions we make together at a reasonable cost. 

Whether you a need a brand new webshop in the newest technology, pack- or environment shots created in 3D, a new logo or a brand book, we can help you.

In other words, you’ll get the full package.

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selected cases

Throughout the years, we’ve helped many creative companies improve their online presence. We’ve helped clients such as Sørensen Leather, d line, Soft Gallery, Anour, Mette Duedahl, Mia Lagerman and many more.

Below is a few of our selected cases

sorensen leather

Sorensen Leather is a global brand with the most high-end, sought-after leather in the world. They needed a new website to showcase their wide range of collections, cases and collaborations.

d line

d line is a leading Danish design brand from 1971 that conceives and hand crafts enduring architectural hardware, sanitary ware and solutions for barrier-free living.

soft gallery

Soft Gallery was established in 2007 by the creative duo Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller. They needed a new, online platform which should match their visual identity and  increase their online sales.


Anour is one of the most exciting Danish design brands. They make handcrafted quality lamps in a functional and aesthetic design. They wanted to start selling their impressive lamps online.

“We had the pleasure of working with DNA DIGITAL in the launch of our new website and webshop. The project was quite extensive and required visualizations of all our products. The quality of their work is outstanding.”
– Arash, founder of Anour

the power of 3D


Why waste money on expensive photographers and studios?

The short answer is you shouldn’t. The bicycle or chair in these images doesn’t exist.

They are photorealistic 3D renderings created digitally in software. At DNA, we want to be at the forefront of technology and that’s why we use 3D to create stunning images of product giving us total control over the setting, lightining, colors and textures without having to spend a fortune on equipment, studiotime and work hours.

Furthermore 3D grants us the possibility to make the impossible, possible: Need that perfect packshot in multiple colors and materials? Wan’t to show the inner workings and engineering of a product? Do it with 3D still imagery or animation.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization, or “Arch Viz” has visual capabilities that convey your vision better than any other medium. Arch viz lets us articulate a sense of space, shape and design clearly before construction has started and is an essential part of the project process. Amongst many benefits is the capability to detect potential problems in the early stages thus diminishing costs. DNA Digital let you show what hasn’t been built yet and provides perfect visual communication between designer and client.

Get the perfect packshots

Have you ever done packshots of a product in multiple colors? Then you know how hard it is to get consistency in your shots – if not downright impossible.

By doing packshots digitally in 3D you get full control of the setting and the troubles with aligning each product like the previous is a thing of the past. For many companies it’s essential that packshots with have many variants look perfect for marketing purposes or a webshop. DNA Digital makes that possible

Product 3D Animation

No other medium can match 3D animation in showing a quick visual summary of even the most complex product idea as there are no limits to what can be show. Want to show what cannot be photographed? This is where 3D truly shines!


Today’s marketing needs to be eye catching and entice the viewer at a single glance. This requires visually interesting content that communicates the brand’s style and identity to the viewer. 3D graphics are not only photorealistic but also better than regular photography due to the possibility of adding finer details, specialized scenarios and interesting lighting that will enhance look and feel of a product.

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