Our concept.

With passion and ambition DNA helps other people! We are experts in the commercial development of enterprises.

DNA is a highly controversial, unique concept that is radically different from the way companies usually get help to develop their business activities. We do’er by heart.

Our concept unites the very best aspects of the organisational- and consulting world. What we do, is concentrate on your value chain, then we go all-in on your challenges with the support of our commercial network, which counts more than 2,000 resource persons.

We believe the future belongs to companies and organisations whose direct contact with the needs of their customers and users, enables them to react to them. We know it takes a lot to win, but we find that success is all about focus and decision-making.

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What they say

"We are a medium-sized company in need of a sounding board at executive level to help move our company from the current level to the next level. DNA provides us with business-oriented, hugely dedicated consultants, who can challenge us and give us feedback, and provide an extremely high level of assistance with these tasks."

Rasmus Byriel, CEO & partner, Furnipart A/S

“We are a small, growing company. As we evolve, we experience a variety of challenges. We really need a sounding board and guidance in terms of running a business. Our great challenge is to progress in an organic, rational way and to make the right decisions en route. This is exactly where DNA has helped, and can help us. Equally important for us is DNA’s amazing attentiveness and personality. This is crucial for our identity and the way, in which we ourselves work.“

Barbara Hvidt og Tine Holt Møller, CEO, Soft Gallery ApS

"They really help me by guiding – and challenging me in a professional way and working with DNA simply gives me a whole new sense of overview of my business. By gathering areas like business development, contractual issues etc., I not only save money but also time and thought. I’ve met nothing but professional people who want to see me succeed which gives me a peace and security, that money can’t buy."

Nina Bruun / CEO

"d line has since early 2014 had a collaboration with DNA. As the most important asset of our collaboration, is sparring on Business Development issues. We very much appreciate the open and non-biast dialogue and ideas. DNA is a very competent partner for these issues."

Hans Christian Petersen, Chairman, d line